Kick-Off & Discovery

We’ll begin the project with a kickoff meeting involving any member of our team who’ll be part of the project as well as your key stakeholders.

This meeting helps us come to a mutual understanding of the project goals and core audience, and to nail down an accurate schedule.

Brand & Website Strategy

Your site is more than just a collection of pages. We’ll take what we’ve learned in the Discovery phase and define a structure and strategy that is logical, goal-driven and easy-to-navigate.

Information Architecture

Next, we’ll create a logical, easy-to-navigate structure for your site, define content types, outline calls-to-action and offer micro-copy recommendations that align with your brand’s voice.

A successful architecture in which your users feel like they’re understood and can easily find what they’re looking for will help elevate your brand.

User Interface Design

We’ll determine just the right look and feel for your brand that meets the goals of your strategy while visually conveying the voice of your organization, all wrapped up in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.

We’ll also walk you through the importance of each component of the design and guide you through the process of selecting the best option. Then we’ll translate those styles across the rest of the site for a cohesive, highly functional design from top to bottom.

Responsive HTML & CSS

We’ll make sure your website adapts itself to all environments — from mobile phones to desktops and high-resolution devices — ensuring the best possible experience for your users regardless of how they view your website.

Application Development & CMS Implementation

We’ll choose the right technology for marketing sites, web apps or e-commerce and implement it with security, compatibility and extensibility in mind.

We often utilize respected frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter for application development and ExpressionEngine for content management, helping us to deliver top-quality software that is readily maintainable and extendable.

QA & Training

We’ll have our whole project team – strategists, designers and developers – run through your new site before it launches to make sure everything’s top notch.

We’ll also work with you to help you fully understand your new site or application and transition its custody to your hosting provider or IT team.

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